Rey Mysterio took the betrayal of his son Dominic hard at Clash at the Castle and changed brands in an attempt to distance himself from him. As part of summing up the results, the editors of the official site have collected the top ten wildest moments of the outgoing year.

10 Jay Uso Doesn’t Care About Roman Reigns’ Words
9. Dana Brooke asked Reggie for a divorce
8. Brock Lesnar jokes with Bobby Lashley
7. Adam Pierce is rude to Ronda Rousey
6. Randy Orton roasts Jay Uso
5. Doomsday kicks Edge out of the gang.
4. Bianca Belair messed up Becky Lynch’s hair
3. Roman Reigns bullies the Seth Rollins family
2. Dominic Mysterio betrays his father
1. Seth Rollins mentions Matt Riddle’s family problems