One of the most interesting stories the NBA This campaign has been the divorce of Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers. Despite this, the team has been able to achieve a positive 22-16 record that places them in fifth place in the Eastern Conference.

At this point in the calendar it is safe to say that it is impossible for Simmons to be uniform with the team, as the relationship is broken with management, he is refused to play under coach Doc Rivers and has problems with his teammates, especially with the star. of the team, Joel Embiid.

Before the campaign started, the president of the organization, Daryl Morey, has been studying offers to trade Simmons, but the goal has been very difficult given his high salary of $ 33 million, according to data from the Spotrac website, in addition to his remaining three years of contract.

Through the calendar there have been reports of teams interested in the Australian point guard, which was recently joined by the Atlanta Hawks, according to a report by journalist Marc Stein. However, the trade demands the involvement of team point guard Trae Young, who represents the face of the franchise. Also, so far there is no third set that wants to join the operation.

In the opinion of Simmons uniforming with the Sixers is not an option, as Rivers and Embiid strongly criticized him for his performance in the past playoffs, publicly blaming him. For this reason, it is impossible for Simmons to become a member of the 76ers again.