Lebron James he cannot escape the affection that people give him on a daily basis, for being an NBA star, but in a recent game that the American played with the los angeles lakershe felt closely a woman who tried to seduce him and the moment went viral.

It all happened when the basketball player faced the Houston Rockets and despite the fact that everyone was watching his performance and the result, all of that was left in the background when Sophie O’Neill, a British model and businesswoman, stared into his eyes at a time when he stopped, taking a little air.

Despite the fact that the exchange lasted just a few seconds, the forward was seen smiling and that made everyone think that he was returning the kind gesture to the woman, who according to the Mundo Deportivo outlet, paid a large sum of money to be in front row and see the idol up close.

It is not known if O’Neill is simply a fan or if she really likes LeBron, but the truth is that he is not available, since he married his wife Savannah Brinson ten years ago. They both got engaged in 2011 and have been together for even longer, in addition to having three children.