lionel scaloni entered the press conference after losing 2-1 against Saudi Arabia with a face of few friends, because it was not in anyone’s plans that the Argentine team would have this result in its debut in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

“The first half was all ours. At halftime we talked about the game being strange and that a goal could change anything. That’s how it happened. Then we’ll analyze it more calmly and I still haven’t talked to them (players). They’re sore, but They will try to win the following games”, said the Argentine strategist.

“It’s hard to assimilate because in 4-5′ they scored two goals. I think they were the only shots on target. There’s no other choice but to get up. We don’t have to analyze more than that. It’s a sad day but head up and keep going”, the coach continued.

Lautaro Martínez, a figure of Inter Milan, also attended the meeting with the media and spoke about the occasions that his team could not convert.

“It’s clear that we lost the match due to our mistakes… This is the World Cup. We have to rest and think about what’s to come,” said Martínez. “Today he was also a difficult opponent. That’s why we went out that way and in the second half we were wrong.”

​​​​​​​”Defeat hurts a lot. We wanted to start this World Cup by winning… We have to correct ourselves, rest, train and think about the two games that follow,” the striker confessed.