In 2023, the Government of the Russian Federation will allocate almost 1 billion rubles in the form of grants to support and develop various sports.

“In 2023, 43 all-Russian sports federations will receive grants to support and develop various sports. The order to allocate 991.2 million rubles for these purposes was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

One of the largest grants – about 160 million rubles – will be received by the Russian Ice Hockey Federation.

The funds will be used to hold training camps and tournaments, as well as to organize friendly matches with teams from friendly countries.

The grant in the amount of 60.2 million rubles is intended for the All-Russian Federation of Sports for Persons with Musculoskeletal Disabilities. She is responsible for the development of Paralympic sports in our country.

Also among the recipients of grants are rugby federation, synchronized swimming, boxing, acrobatic rock and roll, golf, badminton, volleyball and other sports.

Applications for participation in the next year’s grant program were accepted by the Ministry of Sports in September 2022. The work is carried out within the framework of the state program “Development of physical culture and sports,” the press service of the government reports.