Skier Savely Korostelevleading in the overall standings of the Cup of Russia, said that he did not feel envy of other athletes.

“I didn’t have envy for anyone in skiing, much less for representatives of other sports. If you envy the same football players, you would go and play football, that’s all.

I consciously chose cross-country skiing. The example is actually excellent, because we have a too consumerist attitude towards football – oh, 11 foolish millionaires are running around the field, kicking the ball with their feet.

But in no other sport there are such competitions that the whole world would follow. Right now, the World Cup is being held in Qatar, this is a holiday. Moreover, there are so many sensations, unexpected results.

Think skiers don’t watch? They watch, get sick, and thereby unload the head,” said Korostelev.