The Veterans Committee of the Hall of Fame MLB It is an instance created to elect the immortals who could not reach the necessary 75% during their appearance on the voting ballots at the Cooperstown Immortal Temple.

This group of renowned baseball writers is considered a second chance for those former players who did not have the approval of the Baseball Writers Association (BBWAA for its acronym in English).

If a candidate fails to be inducted within 10 years of appearing on the ballot after his retirement as a player, the Veterans Committee, which votes every two years, can induct them. This entity also votes every four years for the candidates of the reserve pilots, referees, managers, or promoters of baseball.

The Veterans Committee is free to decide which former players should be considered for entry into the Hall of Fame, a condition that was reaffirmed in 2001 when the rule was modified and allowed those former players who did not qualify during their 10 years of eligible could be elected. One of the criteria that prevails to be chosen for this route is the conduct and actions off the field during the race. In addition, this decision must be supported by a track record of significant statistical achievements.

The Veterans Committee is made up of 37 baseball writers, chroniclers and historians, with more than 30 years of professional experience, according to information from the MLB portal. It has rigorous standards in terms of analysis, which are reviewed prior to the time of choosing the new immortals during the months of August and September.