March is near and the fans are starting to assemble their teams for the World Classic 2023, although it is also an exercise that the players do. The Dominican Republic presented a preliminary list full of great figures and the Dominican team will have the best possible representation.

However, there is a group that supports the option that emilio boniface be part of the team, despite the fact that he is a player who has not played in the leagues since 2020 Big leagues. However, he continues to shine in LIDOM and has just been elected MVP of the Round Robin of the competition.

Edwin Encarnación, MLB figure, gave his opinion through social networks: “My humble opinion is that to have a stellar player on the bench, I have ‘Boni’ who gives you more versatility and flexibility in the team,” he wrote. the veteran.

Miguel Cabrera took the opportunity to comment on the same publication and joke around a bit. “Yes, take out (Manny) Machado and other players who don’t deserve to go, also take out (José) Ramírez,” wrote the Venezuelan star, with laughing emoticons.