The rivalry between Caracas Lions Y Magellan Navigators on the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League It is historic, but this season it has increased to the point that this Saturday they were the protagonists of two brawls that made the benches empty.

the same day as asdrubal cabrera It became a trend for the same reason, Caracas and Magallanes also stole the headlines for an event that originated from a hit by a pitch to Renato Núñez in the eighth inning.

In the ninth inning, the Magallanes reliever and former pitcher for the Big leaguesBruce Rondón, silenced the dugout of the Lions by withdrawing the three outs of the episode, a fact that made the benches empty in a brawl that ended even in the gardens of the José Bernardo Pérez stadium in Valencia.

Despite the fact that the pitch to Núnez did not get any worse, Magallanes tied the game and forced to go extrainning, tempers flared.