center “Phoenix» and the US team Brittney Grinermay need to operate charter flights separately from the team during the next WNBA season.

According to an ESPN reporter Ramona Shelburnethis decision may be made for security reasons after Greiner returned from Russia, where she spent 10 months in prison.

Currently, WNBA teams are prohibited from flying charter, even if the owner of the club pays for it. There are significant penalties for violating this rule. The league is ready to allow charters only when all 12 participating teams can pay for such flights.

On December 8, Greiner, who was sentenced in Russia to 9 years on charges of drug smuggling, was released from custody and sent home in exchange for a Russian convicted in the United States, Viktor Bout.

“Biden gave too much for her.” Americans didn’t like Brittney Griner’s trade much

💥 Brittney Greiner spent 293 days in a Russian prison. She was exchanged for the “merchant of death” Viktor Bout

9 years in prison for one of the best basketball players in the world. Brittney Greiner’s career can only be saved by a prisoner exchange between Russia and the United States